Our local creek

Our local creek

Yes, this is the creek that runs along the other side of the botequim (neighbourhood bar) to my place.

It’s disgusting.

It stinks on a warm to hot day.

It’s eroding and will soon threaten the botequim.

The neighbouring bar (not our botequim) dumps their rubbish in it.

Our sewerage goes into it untreated.

The local fish monger’s drains empty fish guts into it every day.

The creek empties into the Rio Cabuçu

The creek empties into the Rio Cabuçu

It feeds into the Rio Cabuçu, that eventually empties in the Sepetiba Bay; one of the most polluted parts of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio Cabuçu

Rio Cabuçu

Until the people take a stance scenes like this happen around the world.

The local government isn’t interested because to rectify this situation attracts too few votes.

There is no policing of the rivers and creeks to see who is throwing away their rubbish here instead of using the rubbish collection services.



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5 responses to this post.

  1. Pity when our world is so beautiful if only we’d take slightly care of it!


  2. The problem is not for the local government but for local residents to take responsibility for. If your neighbors don’t care about their local waters, why should anyone else?


    • >Alex, I appreciate what you say, but we are dealing with an abysmal education system where the local residents don’t have the impetus to better themselves, that is a government problem.



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