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Weekend Labour

Nothing exciting today, I have written my Monday Moaning, it’s a doozy.

Using a bucket as a planter

Yesterday I mulched my compost (oh, I can’t stand the excitement) and filled a 50 gal bucket that I had here (bigger than the one pictured), it was cracked, ideal for drainage. It is now the repository for a tomato plant, two passionfruit vines and three chilis. After the tomatoes, I have a couple of small white guava plants to replace, they’re a bit small to transplant at the moment.

I am still picking cayenne peppers from my original plants. I have so many that the neighbours are the beneficiaries. Also, I am now picking tomatoes that grew spontaneously on the compost heap.

I don’t have batteries for my camera at the moment, so no piccys. But they will follow.

The papaya trees by the house are growing their new seasons leaves. Because they are in 4 gal paint tins, I suspect they will be too cramped to bear fruit; so I don’t mind ornamental.

Venus Fly Trap

My neighbour has really got the bug since I have been growing stuff. He has begun with bonsai, and last week he showed me a venus fly trap. He has promised me a seedling when they sprout. It already has a bloom stalk and ready to flower. Apparently the seeds are fine like pollen, so the plant is regenerated as seedlings take root in the flower pot.

I don’t have any indoor plants yet, so this might give me the impetus to start, because I do like them.

That’s my update, until I moan tomorrow.

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