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Sunday Surprise

One of the pleasures in life is that first morning coffee.

But why is it a pleasure? Or at least why does it appear to be a pleasure?

The answer is a revelation.

Quite disturbing, actually.

Caffeine as we all know by now is a drug. It is a highly addictive drug. In fact it’s a chemical, it has a formula and a structure.

What do we know about this wonder stuff that an estimated 90% of people use daily in one form or another?

The Misconception: Coffee stimulates you.

The Truth: You become addicted to caffeine quickly, and soon you are drinking coffee to cure withdrawal more than for stimulation.

Yes, you are an addict. Me too, I am a terrible coffee dependent. But I have learned some things that are making me re-evaluate my coffee drinking habits. If you follow this post and it’s links, maybe you will too.

The much-needed morning boost.   The mid-afternoon pick-me-up.   The late night energizer.

We’ve become a society that relies on this naturally and artificially produced drug in our beverages and foods to keep us going through the day. Most of us can’t get along without it; I love my late night coffee.

Here, I am going to send you off to read a fairly lengthy and somewhat technical story The Coffee Illusion on Running ‘Cause I can’t Fly. It explains a lot just how caffeine functions in our bodies and why it is addictive.

I know from my own experience that caffeine deprivation is painful. I went a period a couple of years ago when my coffee/caffeine intake was drastically reduced for an extended period. The result… migraines. The remedy… coffee.

I live in Brazil, the land of wonderful coffee, I like it strong, very strong.

So what you have just read I can vouch is true.

I am going to cut out my nighttime coffee, as that seems to have the most serious draw back.

The future will see me reduce my coffee slowly but surely.

A step further

Caffeine is used by many companies in their products to keep the consumer (you) addicted. They are a crafty bunch and never miss a beat at “keeping” their customers needing their products.

Check out these. Do you use these apart from just drinking that wonderful coffee? There are many ways the corporations ambush us; mostly unawares.

The only hope that you have is to become aware.

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