Water alone produces light in Philippines

A Litre of Light

In this day and age of high tech, we often overlook the simplest solutions. It seems that we lave lost the focus, lost the impetus for innovation. If it doesn’t have a ‘chip’ then it doesn’t count, if it can’t be programmed, then it doesn’t count.

In the Philippines a novel idea in its simplicity has changed the future for many. Light without technology, without power for the struggling millions who can’t afford it.

Taking the advantage of recycling this cheap device filled with water; yes, just water, is illuminating homes.

Take a look at this BBC video clip, I’m sure that you will be as amazed as I was.

So simple…


You can extend this idea, think about the garden shed, the garage, a dark corner of the veranda or terrace.
Recycle and save.

Be green, say something

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