Change the World Wednesday – 21st Sep

The Idea Bus

Awake, dressed, have coffee, don’t have any idea what to write…

Wait… wait… it’ll come. *Looks around for the ‘idea bus.’*

My post last week was about my ‘nemesis,’ the fridge. It looks a little more distant after recent financial indications. Two weeks ago the real (Brazilian dollar) was at R$1.58 = $1, it has been steadily losing ground since; last night it had fallen to R$1,79 = $1. The real has become the currency most affected by the money market. Such a dramatic swing means that stuff like fridges, TVs, PCs & Laptops (another plan)  are very likely to become R$100-200 more expensive very quickly. Which will affect me personally, seriously.

This week’s Change the World Wednesday is about water. We have often spoken about water and I have posted on the subject several times; unfortunately all those posts are floating away somewhere in the blogosphere; where, nobody knows.

This week’s challenge:

This week pay close attention to the water which gets tossed down the drain and reduce it. (There is more, check the link to read the full text.)

Last week’s Make you Fink on Friday post was about water and is a good starting point as to why we need to constantly be reminded about water. If you haven’t already, hop across to check it out; I’ll wait for you to come back…

Oh, back already.

You see water is a problem because there are too many people on the planet using this valuable commodity faster than nature can replenish usable supplies.

Curry Flavoured Tomatoes

My answer to the challenge, is that I already do those things. In fact, I expect to have curry-flavoured tomatoes soon. I emptied the water that was soaking last night’s curry pot on to the garden. Talk about GMOs.

At work I do things like this. If the water in my cup has lost its chill, I empty it into the pot plants outside my classroom rather that tip it down the sink.

There are a myriad of small ways that we can conserve or reuse water.

The second part of this week’s challenge is a plea from Small Footprints:

In addition to reducing water waste, I’d like your help on future challenges. Please leave a comment with ideas for new activities. These can be something your passionate about … something that you struggle with … or perhaps something you’d like to use as a way to increase our awareness. If your idea is used (which is almost 100% certain), I’ll give you credit and link back to your blog.

And that is the part that I am really going to address today. Small Footprints does a wonderful job on the CTWW and as a blogger I understand that sometimes the ideas just don’t come easily all the time.

My suggestion is that we look at something we do at home, something that seems entirely inconsequential, something that we don’t even think makes a difference… but does.

Briquettes for the BBQ

I guarantee that most of you use some form of briquettes or alcohol to get the ‘barbie’ (Aust & NZ slang for BBQ) going.

I don’t.

I use cardboard from an old carton to light my BBQ. Simply tear off 4″x 4″ pieces roughly (jaggered edges are better) from an old box. I keep my old cardboard in the ‘fridge’ garden cupboard for exactly this reason.

A dozen pieces, then sprinkle some of the finer charcoal over them (not the dust, but smaller pieces) and once they catch add larger pieces. Soon you have a great glowing base for your ‘barbie.’

By doing this, I am a) recycling cardboard, b) not buying manufactured job-specific products, and c) saving money.

The world does not need briqettes!

Do you have a little trick like this? If so, post a comment on CTWW.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Seeing as you’re hardcore, I’m challenging you to up the ante and drink your room temperature water instead of giving it to the plants. Did you know it’s better for you than chilled because the stomach doesn’t have to heat it up?!

    I don’t use a BBQ; I guess I’m a party pooper. Oh wait! It’s because I live in England and we don’t get BBQ weather … But I don’t use toxic fire lighters for the wood burner I, like you use old cardboard and paper. Occasionally we use a brilliant eco friendly lighter which is just compressed sawdust and vegetable oil – they are fantastic…

    Nice to connect for a moment across the ether…



  2. @Mrs Green, a flying comment before I get ready for work. I’m afraid I can’t up-the-ante on this one. Unlike you in England (you admit to not having BBQ weather) iced water is essential with the temps we have in Rio. I realise there are eco-friendly products, but in reality, we don’t even need them, but better them than toxic types.

    Blogging is a great way to meet people.




  3. Hm … curry-flavored tomatoes … Mmmm! lol That’s an interesting challenge … and you’re right … I see people pouring that awful fire-starter liquid on briquettes all the time (can’t imagine how they can stand the taste of the food). We don’t BBQ … it’s not allowed where we live (I suppose they are afraid that some resident will burn the place down). I’m going to hang onto your suggestion. Thanks, AV!



  4. @SF, curry tomatoes, I’m going to give Monsanto a run for their money. LOL What, no BBQ? What kind of burg do you live in? I always thought that one of America’s inalienable rights was the weekend BBQ. I might grizzle and grump about some things in the Third World, but at least we have BBQ. Even veges have to have BBQ, it’s not fair. I once had a hangi in NZ where old railway iron was used instead of stones, first time I have ever had diesel flavoured mutton… Know exactly what you are saying.




    • LOL! Well, we can go to a park if we want to use a grill or we can use the gas-fed grills provided by our community (again … taste just doesn’t do it for me). After a less-than intelligent resident stuffed his socks into a portable A/C unit last year (why? who knows) … and managed to burn down an entire building, our management is a bit “touchy” about anything to do with fires. Sadly, the incident cost all the residents … we now have to buy renter’s insurance … not an expense I needed. So … I guess I don’t mind that they prevent us from using grills. 🙂 Too many idiots … oops … I should say no more! 🙂



      • @SF, t’s still not the same as a barbie at home; and you’re right about the gas ones, they just don’t cut the mustard. Okay, so ban socks, or ban A/C units, why pick on BBQs? Their logic is a little out of touch.



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