Make you Fink on Friday

Dupetit's Bath Products

Canabia Beer

Hemp twine & string

Shoulder Bags and other heavy duty materials

More Beauty Products

Health Supplements




And it’s all made from this…

Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Dope, etc

All the governments can do is burn it, because someone might smoke it.

The list does not end here, alternative fuels, building materials, are among further uses.


Check out Michigan Industrial Hemp Education site. There’s a heap of info and many myths about the plant.

Read also The Cannabis Conspiracy,

how hemp was criminalised to benefit du Pont in 1937.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Just a note – hemp and marijuana are not the same plant so it’s important not to lump them together.. They are both part of the genus Cannabis, but you can’t get high smoking hemp, as marijuana has all the THC in it which gets people high.



    • @ecogrrl, in fact both cannabis and hemp are cannabis sativa ( of the 3 varieties indica and ruderalis, inc) it is only sativa that is suitable for industrial hemp, but within sativa there are plant strains that have a lower THC count and therefore not suitable for ‘recreational’ or medical use. Of the three cannabis varieties only sativa is called hemp. Thanks for the comment.




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