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The Junk You Eat

Just what do you put into your mouth?

Almost all our food today is processed, unless you are lucky enough to live near a Farmer’s Market or have access to organically grown crops and grass-fed cattle.

This processing knocks the crap out of just about everything you buy in the supermarket, it doesn’t matter if you are in the butchery, the bakery or the produce section. What you are buying is guaranteed to have one or more of the of the items listed below done to them, in them or on them.


Secretly Lurking in Our Foods Today

Here are some examples of what is in many of our foods today – unknown and unseen by the general public.

Hormones, Steroids, Antibiotics found in animal products

Research shows these compounds can be absorbed by fruits and vegetables grown in soil treated with manure from animals fed antibiotics.

Toxins and Pollutants from contaminated soil and water

These can stay in our environment years after they’ve been banned, such as DDT.


Pesticides, Fertilizers, and Fumigants

These are all unnatural compounds, few places use natural fertilizers any more..

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

MSG is a neurotoxic flavor enhancer that’s hidden in many of our foods under a long list of deceiving names.

Partially Hydrogenated Oil

Gives baked goods and snacks longer shelf life but contains high levels of dangerous trans fat.


High Fructose Corn Syrup

With a high glycemic index, it converts to fat more than any other sugar. Usually made with genetically modified corn and genetically modified enzymes.

Who knows what they have done?

Genetically Modified Organisms

Genes from Bacteria, Viruses, Plants, Animals, and even Humans inserted into plants like soybeans, corn, canola, and cotton

Unlike traditional breeding, genetic engineering can create life forms that would normally never exist in nature. Shockingly, U.S. food manufacturers are NOT required to put “genetically modified” on any food labels! This leaves us in the dark.


Artificial Colors and Flavorings

Artificial colors are chemical compounds made mainly from coal-tar; artificial flavors are cheaply produced chemical mixtures that mimic natural flavors.

Aspartame Cola

Artificial Sweeteners

Despite claims that these are “safe” food additives, remember, they are NOT natural. For example, aspartame is made up of three chemicals. These sweeteners are often toxic to the body and cause all kinds of serious health problems.

Benzoate Preservatives

These are phenolic compounds often added to food to preserve fats and prevent fats from becoming rancid; these preservatives produce low levels of hormones.

SO… What’s the RESULT of all of these dangerous ingredients in our food?

Food that’s been denatured, stripped of much of its nutritional value and integrity, and food that could potentially cause a myriad of serious health issues.

Source: WellSphere

Behavioural problems like bullying can lead to criminal violence

The sharp increase of many of today’s maladies can be traced directly back to this list. Illnesses that were rare a just a couple of decades ago are now approaching rampant levels in our societies. Almost all the behavioural problems we are seeing in the recent school generations are a direct result of items on this list.

This list is responsible for sickness, much criminal behaviour, aberrations, obesity  and mutations in the human system.

Do your bit, help stamp out this abuse. Stop buying products that are effected, show the corporations that we don’t care about their profits, we want our health back.

Demand that all contaminated food be labeled as such so that it can be avoided.

"Toxic substances in this food can harm your children"

All food that contains dangerous additives should have the same style government health warnings that fester on packs of cigarettes.

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