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Monday Moaning II

The last ‘moan’ (previous post) has been a festering sore for a long time, using the vulnerability of kids as the target for corporate propaganda.

This ‘moan’ is a real “WTF bitch session!”

Did you know this?

The Obama administration approved planting GMOs at more than 50 National Wildlife Refuges this past summer as part of a plan to restore and manage habitats, including supplementing food for wildlife.

National Wildlife Refuges Center of New Lawsuit Over GMOs

Government approved practice of planting GMOs in the nation’s Wildlife Reguges

National Wildlife Refuge land in eight states planted with genetically modified crops is the target of a lawsuit filed against the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service by a number of food and safety groups last week.

Filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, this marks the fourth in a series of lawsuits targeting the government approved practice of planting GMOs in the nation’s Wildlife Reguges.

Citing National Wildlife Refuges as sanctuaries for endangered flora and fauna as well as home to other critical species, the suit was filed by groups including Beyond Pesticides, the Center for Food Safety and the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, who claim that the U.S. government agency broke federal laws when giving approval to farmers to plant genetically engineered seeds on the public land, mostly in the Midwest.

The crops in question are mainly Monsanto’s controversial Roundup ready seeds—such as corn, soy, cotton and canola—known for a number of environmental issues including creating pesticide resistant “superweeds” and insects. Further, claim the plaintiffs, the pesticide-reliant crops are damaging to the environment, and the lack of any significant review of the crops planted on wild lands adds more concerns for the food and safety groups, who state that glyphosate—the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide—has shown to degrade soil ecosystems, pollute waterways and wetlands as well as harm plants and animals, including some endangered species.

Source: OrganicAuthority


How infinitely stupid can you get?

This is a perfect example of “Don’ give a fuck!” as long as our buddies in corporations make a profit while they destroy the world.

Folks, things are really getting out of hand.

This is just another nail in the coffin of the planet. Occupy Wall Street has the right idea. It’s not only about the bankers, everything, just absolutely everything about the current and recent governments is just so categorically wrong!

The Planet is Dying while we do Nothing

If the people don’t stand up to what’s happening and take responsibility we are going to be faced with the inevitable.

Our planet is becoming untenable, uninhabitable, and we are just sitting back watching.

If we are to stop this degradation, we have to bring down the current system. The time has come for drastic action, there is no time left to take small steps, while they help, they are but a drop in the proverbial bucket. Every caring person has to stand up and be counted.

Occupy Wall Street numbers hundreds in more than 80 places around the world. They should have the support of tens, nay hundreds of thousands. It is the hour for us to get off our lethargic asses and join them. The current system must be brought to its knees, NOW! Or we and our kids will not have a future.

Monday Moaning


Pure and simple brainwashing.

Who paid for these songs to be written?

Where were they played, on TV, dduring children’s programmes?

Now for the lyrics in case you didn’t get them…


Our kids are being brainwashed into becoming obese little zombies so the corporations can make a profit.

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