Change the World Wednesday – 9th Nov

Yes, my last CTWW was a fail! Not only did I fail in the challenge, but I failed in getting the date right, I listed it as 2nd Oct…

I was so geared up to give it a try, but the idea was thrown into the ‘too-hard’ basket. But I did make some interesting discoveries. Mainly that anyone subscribing to vegan philosophies, and who drives a car is in all probability not vegan at all until they make paints, plastics and glues that are guaranteed ‘animal by-product free.’

Small Footprints did challenge me to have another shot and produce something exotically vegan, but I failed there too; work interfered.

This week’s challenge:
This week, prepare your home for winter. Do at least one thing which will ensure that your winter is Eco-friendly. Need some ideas? Click HERE.
Or …
If you’ve already prepared your home for the cold months ahead, we’d like to know what you’ve done. Please include tips, ideas and any do-it-yourself advice.

Small Footprints seems to have forgotten that half the planet is heading for summer. But I realise that Australia, New Zealand, most of South America and Africa as well as a good part of Asia are not really that important… *tongue-in-cheek*

So, being an intelligent person, I will merely invert the challenge and prepare for summer.

1. I have already cleaned the fan, a clean fan is more efficient therefore that must save energy.

2. I have taken the blanket off the bed, just use a sheet.

3. I have turned the shower down to its lowest heat setting, later I will turn the power off all together as we get hotter days.

4. Now that my papaya tree is growing tall enough, I have moved it to shade the kitchen window to lower the temperature in the kitchen. And when the other grows a little more, it is ready to shade the living room window.

That’s about it. There’s not really a lot one can do to prepare for summer here in Brazil, because there is little difference between summer and winter temperatures, certainly not the same difference you get in the US where you can get extremes in temperatures. Winter for us means average temps of 24℃ (75℉) with lows of 16℃ (61℉), while summer averages 36℃ (97℉) it can get into the swelteringly low 40s℃ (104+℉). So our main problem is not keeping warm in the winter, rather keeping cool in the summer.


4 responses to this post.

  1. LOL … you know, this morning I woke with the thought that someone (probably my friend AV) was going to call me on the fact that not everyone is moving into winter. My bad! 🙂 Perhaps the computer virus that I fought all day yesterday affected more than my computer. Anyway, I’m grateful for intelligent people who can invert the challenge, sans the instructions.

    I like #4 on your list. Last summer my tomatoes grew up bamboo poles … my patio probably has an 8 ft. ceiling and they reached the top creating a wall of green and keeping the sun from shining into the apartment. It was great … on the hottest days, the temperature inside was nice and cool. In the fall, when I took all the plants down, the reverse happened … sunshine came streaming in, warming us up without artificial heat.

    Apologies for the post … and thank you for the “nudge” … it has now been fixed. 🙂



    • @SF, had a laugh about that. It wasn’t mal-intended. I have a tall tomato plant at the moment, but the planter is too big, it would block the narrow space.
      Have to rush, work… again.




  2. Here in the states we are in or moving into winter. I made a draft dodgers for in front of the exterior doors recently



    • @La Alicia, I haven’t heard of draught stoppers for years, not since I moved to Rio; they’re not the type of thing we need here, but I do remember them from my childhood. Thanks for the visit and comment.




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