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The Pill

The Pill became publicly available in the 1960s and remains a popular choice of contraceptive

The researchers believe oestrogen by-products excreted in the urine of pill-users may have contaminated the food chain and drinking water.

The hormone is known to feed the growth of certain cancers.

The latest investigation looked at data from 2007 for individual nations and continents worldwide to see if there was any link.

The researchers found a significant association between contraceptive pill use in the population as a whole with both the number of new cases of, and deaths from, prostate cancer.

Not the full story, but enough to be scary.

Source: BBC News Read the rest.


Just another case of absolutely everything we do can have an adverse effect on humanity.

Sixty years of women pumping oestrogen laden urine into the environment, and now they find out that it could be a problem for us.

Admittedly the report is not conclusive, but these coincidences are too scary to ignore.


Heads in the sand, can’t see anything…

Climate change episode of Frozen Planet won’t be shown in the U.S. as viewers don’t believe in global warming

  • Climate change particularly sensitive during presidential race
  • BBC says Attenborough features heavily on final episode, and he is not famous outside UK
  • Environment groups brand decision ‘unhelpful’

Sir David Attenborough presents and authors the 'On Thin Ice' episode. It looks at how the planet's ice is changing and what it means not only to the animals and people at the Poles but also the rest of the planet Read more:

The timing of a one-sided global warming programme could be particularly sensitive in the U.S., where climate change is an issue in the presidential race.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry accuses climate scientists of lying for money.

A poll earlier this year found that the majority of Americans believe that if climate change does exist, it is not caused by humans.

Fifty-three per cent of Republicans say there is no evidence of climate change, while the number is far higher among Tea Party supporters, with 70 per cent saying the theory is ‘junk science’ pushed by groups with a vested interest.

Sir David Attenborough presents and authors the series, the seventh episode of which, entitled ‘On Thin Ice’, looks at how the planet’s ice is changing and what it means not only to the animals and people at the Poles but also the rest of the planet.

Saving Energy

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