Monday Moaning

I’m having a go at waste.

Yup kitchen trash is being wasted, good compostable material is being thrown into rubbish/trash cans all over the world.

Gourmet Banquet for Worms

Nearly everything you throw out from the kitchen, with the exception of plastic and specially treated cardboard from some containers can be composted.

My Tomato Treasure

I love composting, all the soil in my planters is made from composted material added to sand and some poor earth that I have found. The result is that I have veges and stuff growing in my concrete backyard.

I have just finished a month of free tomatoes at a time that the price of tomatoes was prohibitive for most. Here in Brazil a good price for tomatoes is about R$1.20 per kilo (2.204lbs). A real (R$) is about US$1 = R$1.80 at the moment). They have been over R$3/kg, more than double… and I haven’t paid a cent.

The photo was taken a month ago, the plant grew higher and now is a lot deader, ready to be returned to the compost heap; that’s where she came from as a self-sown tomato from kitchen scraps.

This morning I found a great post leading to another great post. Thanks for the lead Ecogrrl. The first post: 163 Things You Can Compost leads to an even better post Compost Happens! Both are great reading.

So, this Monday, don’t moan, read…

4 responses to this post.

  1. […] to the compost heap. Now most people would throw them in the trash, that would be a waste. Read my Monday Moan if you want a story on compost and my free […]



  2. you’re welcome! check out the NRDC magazine ‘on earth’ for an awesome article on urban farming in kenya – – anyone, anywhere 🙂



  3. @EcoGrrl, I will after I have done this week’s CTWW. Sometimes it is the chance discovery that makes a good post, I am often guilty of that.




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