$75 billion of food wasted

Half the food in the US goes to waste

As the US celebrates Thanksgiving, a new study reveals that almost half the food in the country goes to waste – a statistic that should alarm an industry that is struggling to achieve greater efficiency in order to salvage profits.

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.Yes, $75 billion of food wasted annually in the United States alone.

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  1. The issue of food waste was addressed in one my graduate courses this fall. We read the book American Wasteland which highlights all the areas where food is wasted — homes, farms, food manufacturing, supermarkets, etc. It’s pretty fascinating and disturbing. My grandmother was of the WWII generation and she hated to waste anything, simply because she grew up when rationing was the norm.

    Frankly, we’re spoiled now and it would take a major movement to get people to take food waste seriously. Every time I see food go to waste, it pains me because there are many millions of Americans who are hungry as well. In a wealthy nation like the US, we have a significant portion of our population who go to bed hungry.



    • @Marcy, I’m late with replies again… It is true that we have become the spoiled generation and when times get tough, as they are going to, the younger generation are going to wonder what slapped them in the face.




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