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Monday Moaning

Green Farming? Is the term an oxymoron?

Green Farming may not be an oxymoron, but it is a challenge to get these two words to co-exist happily together. Farm and Green.

To live entirely green is to live with no marked impact on your environment. To farm is to challenge that environment to provide more of its natural resources than it would ordinarily. So now we have to make a choice, how much of the indigenous environment are we going to sacrifice to make a food producing environment? But luckily or unluckily that choice has already been made for us as most of our farmland has been cleared for generations. So now is the time to try and restore the natural balance that can be maintained on most farms.

Source: Go Green America TV read more


This is more of a Make you Fink on Friday post, but as I haven’t found anything to moan about this morning, I’ll leave you to ‘fink’ about it.

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