Make you Fink on Friday

Can you spot the recycling possibility?

We all talk about recycling being the answer to the world’s problems and it is. But we mainly recycle the obvious, stuff thrown out as waste from the home. Of course there is industrial waste that is recycled as well. But there is so much material out there that could be recycled, that we often don’t imagine the recycling possibilities, we don’t even consider them as recyclable. We don’t see the wood for the trees.

Here’s a case in point…

Inghua Ting established TING in 2000. Following her graduation from the Royal College of Art, Inghua worked in Japan developing innovative, futuristic fabrics. However, working at the forefront of fabric technology led her to considering sustainable issues, and the challenge of designing and producing a desirable, luxury product from reclaimed materials. Inspired by seat belts, old leather belts, vintage leather saddles and a range of salvaged fabrics, Inghua cleverly incorporates these materials into new designs to show them off to their best advantage. (from her profile).

Check out a couple TING’s products, they are not only recycling but creating a whole new industry. (Photos from TING’s Gallery)

Makes you think of the myriad of things out there in the world that are just waiting to be recycled. Check out the gallery and see what she does with car seat belts.

Op Shop leather belts (Photo credit Pam Irie)

Looks like someone has been to the Op Shop (second hand clothing) and made their own.

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