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Monday Moaning

It tastes like chicken… But it isn’t chicken!

I read yesterday that PETA has offered a $1million prize to the first person that can ‘make’ chicken.

A synthetic chicken.

Same texture, same taste, even look like chicken.

Race to serve up artificial chicken for a $1m prize

Dutch scientist Mark Post displays samples of in-vitro meat, or cultured meat grown in a laboratory, at the University of Maastricht. Photograph: Francois Lenoir/REUTERS

Dr Frankenstein

This is just straight out scary.

This is a poultry version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein…

This is Chickenstein!

This is scarier than Scooby Doo!

It’s all very well for animal rights groups and vege/vegans to be concerned for animal welfare; you are not alone there, many of us carnivores and mere mortals are with you. The conditions that animals, particularly chickens are kept are generally horrific and truly a sad indictment on the human race.

But one must ask the question, is it the consumers or the producers (corporations) who are at fault?

My answer is resoundingly the latter; with the caveat that the consumer has the power to change the methods.

Mechanically separated chicken used by all fast-food restaurants to make chicken nuggets and patties

But this is not the essence of my moan this morning. I am asking the question, what are we looking at in this artificial ‘solution’?

More chemicals by which we slowly poison ourselves, subject ourselves to illness and cancers, genetically modified gunge with which to assuage our collective conscience.

It is bad enough to eat the crap pictured, but what comes next I believe is the next stage in degradation.

There is no way that you’ll ever convince me that meat, chicken or otherwise, that is grown/created in the laboratory like a bacteria or a virus remotely copies the properties of meat, regardless of how it looks, feels and tastes.

This is another example of man running amok, playing God; and I don’t agree with it.

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