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Test-tube Burgers

In-vitro Burgers

This is just plain disgusting!

First it was pseudo-chicken meat…

Now Test-tube Burgers.

Man is tampering again!

Man is tampering with things that he shouldn’t.

We have no idea of the long term risks, but I am sure that they are not good. So far, I have not seen anything that man has tampered with turn out good.

This PETA advert for laboratory meat:

Sure it looks lovely, but I suspect it’s a bit like McDonald’s ads for hamburgers; what you get is NOTHING LIKE the picture.

£200,000 test-tube burger marks milestone in future meat-eating

Project funded by anonymous individual aims to cut number of cattle farmed for food and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Dutch scientist Mark Post holds samples of in-vitro meat grown in a laboratory. Photograph: Francois Lenoir/Reuters

Lurking in a petri dish in a laboratory in the Netherlands is an unlikely contender for the future of food. The yellow-pink sliver the size of a corn plaster is the state-of-the-art in lab-grown meat, and a milestone on the path to the world’s first burger made from stem cells.

Dr Mark Post, head of physiology at Maastricht University, plans to unveil a complete burger – produced at a cost of more than £200,000 – this October.

Test-tube Burgers

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Lately man has been playing too much God.

I am not a religious person having seen through the quackery of religion when I was much younger. But I do believe in ‘Mother Nature,’ not that she is some entity like we have made ‘God’ but she is the personification of the balance that ought to exist in nature.

Man insists on messing around with that balance and so far we have seen that it does no good.

I think I can safely say that not a single aspect of progress has been in line with Mother Nature, totally the reverse, everything we do grates against the very nerves that make this planet an operating concern.

We (that is, man) think we are oh so smart. We ignore the evidence around us; those of us who want to make money buy the governments and the media. You will not hear them say a word against this latest perversity, because they want you to believe it is good. You will never hear the truth.

Call me a cynic, because that’s exactly what I am; and you would well do to be a little cynical yourselves because your very survival may depend on it.

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