Monday Moaning

Warning: This is a Rant! “They will infect your soul, curve your spine and stop the country winning the war!” – George Carlin

Don’t just dismiss this as a rant and not worth reading. If you care about the environment, if you consider yourself ‘green’, then this is of vital interest to you.

Recently (past few years) there have been many snippets pointing to things like “Dumbing of America,” “corporations controlling the mainstream media,” “governments and agencies lying,” “the discrediting of science and scientists by agencies,” etc. The ‘etc’ means many many other aspects of keeping the people stupid. We have to face reality and the mainstream media won’t give us the information.

I have commented on them piecemeal in this blog and it’s predecessor, the original Eco-Crap and also on Shit Happens and its predecessor. Both of which were shut down without explanation from Google.

Heartland Institute propaganda, paid for with your money

But just in the last week some serious evidence and accusations have been made. Canada muzzling its scientists, Heartland Institute documents leaked, and just yesterday an article in The Guardian about outright attacks on the veracity of the scientific communities; Attacks paid for by big business are ‘driving science into a dark era’.

All this is something that I have gradually read and formed my opinions on what is happening on a worldwide scenario.

I am going to post some excerpts from The Guardian article, you can go and read the rest fully.

“Last week Nina Fedoroff, the president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), broke ranks in a spectacular manner.

She confessed that she was now “scared to death” by the anti-science movement that was spreading, uncontrolled, across the US and the rest of the western world.”

Affecting the whole world

Here you have the president of the AAAS raising the issue. A person of this stature does not make idle guesses.

“set against a background of an entire intellectual discipline that realises that it, and its practitioners, are now under sustained attack.”

The scientific community as a whole feel the threats, it is not just the opinion of one person.

“university and government researchers are hounded for arguing that rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are changing the climate. Their emails are hacked while Facebook campaigns call for their dismissal from their posts, calls that are often backed by rightwing politicians. At the last Republican party debate in Florida, Rick Santorum insisted he should be the presidential nominee simply because he had cottoned on earlier than his rivals Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney to the “hoax” of global warming.”

Santorum's infallible reasoning

Right wing politicians obviously are the enemy, with Santorum boasting that he was the first, what an asshole. Santorum is believing the bullshit, and ignoring scientific evidence, which is absolutely typical of your Bible bashhers and the very reason why they should be kept as far from politics as possible.

We spent 500 years getting religion out of politics for a very good reason.

“These institutions [inc Heartland Institute], acting as covers for major energy corporations, are responsible for the onslaught that has deeply lowered the reputation of science in many people’s minds in America. This has come in the form of personal attacks on the reputations of scientists and television adverts that undermine environment laws.”

Paid and funded by those whose industries and interests will be hurt by the truth.

“the decision by the United States supreme court to overrule the law that allowed the federal government to place limits on independent spending for political purposes by business corporations.”

The greatest criminal decision made against the electoral system.

Mainstream Media

“methods used by corporate businesses to attack their targets: harassing individual scientists, ghost-writing scientific articles to raise doubts about government research, and undermining the use of science to form government policy.”

Blocking science from reporting to the people.

“should be based on the advice of experts who have carried out robust and rigorous analysis of the evidence, or if they should be guided by lobbyists who appear driven by narrow ideological dogma.”

Should we believe the truth, or the bullshit by the vested interests that appears in the mainstream media?

“massive organised attempts to undermine scientific data by people for whom that data represents a threat to their status quo.”

Science is being dominated by those whose only interest in money at whatever the cost to humanity and the planet.

The world and humanity are on a very dangerous course.

6 responses to this post.

  1. First let me say I LOVE that you used George Carlin as a reference. Second, absolutely the “powers that be” dumb down the Western World, like Monsanto has the audacity to say GMOs are perfectly healthy…(ok, gagging now)…. It’s up to us though to not be sheep and RESEARCH and use our powers of critical thinking (not so easy I know). Good on you to bring to light some fantastic examples.



    • @TOB, George Carlin is great, no doubt about that, pity he is not still with us. There are many other aspects, as I said ‘etc’, you suggested Monsanto (It was after a particularly severe attack on Monsanto, my fifth, that Google closed my acct the same day, so I am well aware of the power that is wielded), then there are these contrails, that now the govt even admits to, but the people are powerless to stop, there are many ‘etc’s. The govt has to be brought to heel, like the cur they are. Thanks for the comment, appreciated.




  2. I agree that we’re being “dumbed down” and that certainly makes me angry. I take everything I read/see/hear with a grain of salt. I research everything. I know I’m NOT getting the whole story – everyone has an interest to serve. And our media? What a bad joke. Thanks for sharing.

    Peace. 😉



    • @Michelle, that’s the problem, everyone watches FauxNews and thinks things are just hunky dory. We cneed to stop, question and form an opinion, but if Faux News says its okay… it’s all okay.




  3. […] with brainwashing the populace into believing that global warming doesn’t exist. My own Monday Moaning post tells a pretty sobering story of corruption and deceit. Chem […]



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