Change the World Wednesday – 22nd Feb

The world has returned to normal, it continues to rotate slowly about its axis and in turn around the sun.

The coffee helped, coffee always helps in a time of crisis.

We return you to our normal CTWW programme.

This week’s Change the World Wednesday:

Calculate your carbon footprint today at, or and find out what you can do to minimize it, including purchasing carbon offsets.

“An alternative definition of the carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide attributable to the actions of an individual (mainly through their energy use) over a period of one year. The term owes its origins to the idea that a footprint is what has been left behind as a result of the individual’s activities.” – Surrey Health

Well, I went to one of the sites above and calculated. I use about 1,800kw/h of electricity and 56 kgs of bottled gas. Based on that my carbon emmisions = 1.2 tons of CO2 requiring me buy £9 of off-sets.

Now I have two issues. One is that they make provision for a car, but there is no provision for a public transport use estimate; as I use public transport  daily, this figure is wrong.

Secondly, I grow a lot of plants, vege and fruit plants mainly, and there is now way of calculating the CO2 that I reabsorb. So a further anomaly arises.

I consider that what I use and what I return are pretty much a balance, because my plants work 24/7, my other uses that produce a negative impact do not.

I just found a plant calculator on the second of SF’s links, I estimate that I am responsible for about 5 trees equivalent per year, which gives me a credit for $5.00. I found a public transport one, but the calculator appears and then disappears, so I haven’t yet been able to use it.

The plot thickens.

I have found a calculator that gives me Brazilian figures… after all, I am in Brazil. My carbon footprint has reduced to .26 tons of CO2  and a further .16 tons on public transport. My secondary footprint (buying and lifestyle preferences etc) add 2.6 tons. I get a total result of: Total = 2.87 metric tons of CO2 and this comparison:

Your footprint is 2.87 metric tons per year The average footprint for people in Brazil is 1.80 metric tons The worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 metric tons

Looks like I have some work to do.

If you are interested in this country specific calculator, try Carbon Footprint Calculator.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I find the various calculators interesting … while I don’t think they cover all situations and therefore aren’t totally accurate, I believe they give us a sense of how we’re doing. And, they typically point to areas for improvement. I’m surprised that Brazil’s country average is smaller than your personal average … if I were betting on it, I would have bet on the reverse. 🙂



    • @SF, yes, it was an interesting exercise. They would have to be fairly generalised to cover all. I must admit that I was surprised at my result, miffed would be a better term; but I think the Brazilian figure would be low because of the poverty levels and compared to some, I live lavishly. But the Br figures do not account that many homes who have a zero electricity and gas usage use candles and firewood instead, that would twist the figures heavily against me. However, a great way to spend the morning.




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