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Change the World Wednesday – Special

For the Lenten period Reduce Footprints is doing a daily challenge. I will attempt to keep up with them, not necessarily on the day. I make no promises.


CTWW Daily Challenge – 24th Feb

Only use your washing machine when you have a full load, and run it on cold whenever possible. Run at maximum spin to reduce drying times and avoid using a tumble drier, opting instead for a clothesline. A typical washing machine uses 90% of its energy to heat the water. Generally, cold water gets your clothes just as clean and saves about 2 pounds of CO2 per load.

I win!

No washing machine, no drier and no hot water!

LOL – That was an easy one…

CTWW Daily Challenge – 23rd Feb

Say no to bottled water and drink tap water. Buy a refillable, washable bottle to use instead. More than 150 billion liters of bottled water are sold worldwide every year. This contributes significantly to landfill and transport emissions.

I only drink water from the tap. I refuse to buy water.

I win again!

But I am going to comment here. I drink tap water because I am on the downhill slope of life, (yes, I’m over 40… well over and well down the hill) so an issue like fluoride in the city water supply doesn’t worry me any more from a personal point of view, basically a little more fluoride won’t make a lot of difference to me.

However, young people who live in cities where the water supply is fluoridated need to be concerned; especially families with young children. We know that fluoride is a poison, in fact it’s a rat poison, we know that the city councils that add fluoride are in reality committing a criminal offence against the populous. The only escape from fluoride for these people is bottled water that is free from fluoride for drinking and cooking.

I would up the ante on this challenge and say make your voice heard, email, write, phone, talk to your city councilors, voice your objection.

Because city water should be fluoride-free!

If you want/need fluoride treatment; and it should be a choice not arbitrarily imposed on you, you can consult your doctor or dentist and they can supply oral or topical dosages as necessary.

I have often joked… “Never drink water… because fish pee in it; however, if you must then sterilise it with whisky first!”

Saturday Satire

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