Change the World Wednesday – Special III

Finally, they’ve invented it…

Can you believe that; Dehydrated Water?

I wonder how many people fell for this one?

Yesterday was my monthly trip to Barra da Tijuca to get paid. I hate that day, it is a day wasted bussing there, bussing back. The good thing about it is ‘money’ and a wonderful sushi lunch.

Although yesterday my pay slip was ‘papel de cebola’ (onion paper) – enough to make you cry. A truly apt expression in Portuguese.


On with the current Reduce Footprints‘ Change the World Wednesday daily challenges:


Consider a memorial tree

CTWW Daily Challenge – 1st Mar

Though it may be challenging to contemplate, think about greening your “final arrangements”. 

I have posted on my original blog about this, and provisions are made in my will for this.

It’s a great idea, check Reduce Footprints post for links.


CTWW Daily Challenge – 2nd Mar

Host a party with friends and neighbors to watch and discuss one of these films: Carbon Nation or Journey of the Universe.

Well, we modified that one. We had a BBQ at the botequim on Friday. I was chief cook and potwalloper. Friday night is a good night to have a BBQ because most of the guys stop in after a working week and want to relax and talk. In doing so they enjoy petiscos (nibbles).

A number of topics were raised during the evening, some green stuff and some not-so green stuff. Also there was a group of the guys going on a fishing trip overnight. Now what did we discuss? Oh there was a lot about the-one-that-got-away from the last trip, but we also touched on what they do with old fishing tackle, because hooks, lines & sinkers are not biodegradable. Some admitted they just threw it overboard, others brought it home for the rubbish.

We generally talked about rubbish in the praça (park) and how generally the young (and some not so young) don’t respect the rubbish bins around and we talked about parents not educating their offspring in this matter; it’s a general failing in Brazil.

Not quite as high impact as discussing films, which Brazilians wouldn’t watch anyway, so that would have been a waste of time. Had we been discussing Tropa de Elite II (Brazilian film about our BOPE – sort of like SWAT but with more bullets and collateral damage), the discussion would have gone on for hours and everybody would have had an opinion.

CTWW Daily Challenge – 3rd Mar

Plant a tree. One tree will absorb about a ton of carbon dioxide over the course of its lifetime. Trees also provide shade that could reduce your air conditioning bill significantly. (check the link for more on the challenge)

Done that this year already, I had four saplings in pots in my yard. One of my neighbours transplanted them in the praça (park), and I have two more guava trees to go.

CTWW Daily Challenge – 4th Mar

Don’t eat any meat today, and see if you can cut down on the amount of meat you eat each week.

This is where most of the ‘green people’ and me differ. I am a carnivore, I eat meat. It is a major part of my diet. The one thing I do is try to get grass feed beef. I eat regularly at a ‘rodizio’ restaurant (Brazilian BBQ style) and have discussed with the chef there (one chef to another) and they get their beef from out of state suppliers that have grass fed.

I have looked into the stats and it is recognised that it takes twice the land area to grow the same protein level in vegetables. In Brazil we have a massive problems with deforestation and that it is principally for the raising of cattle.

However, I do have the same problems as ‘greenies’ with mass farming and the way animals are treated and raised (from chickens to cattle). But, by and large, I believe that veges and vegans are barking up the wrong tree.

CTWW Daily Challenge – 5th Mar

Put on a sweater and turn down your thermostat to 65° when people are home and active and 55°- 58° at night as well as when no one is home. In warm climates, raise your air-conditioner thermostat 4° or up one setting. Home heating and air-conditioning are responsible for a large portion of our carbon footprint.

Won't have one in the house

I first read that and laughed. Last week we had three consecutive days of 43ºC (110ºF+/-); you’ve got to be kidding… put on a sweater.

I don’t use an air-conditioner, won’t have one in the house. I open the windows and resort to a fan if necessary. The hot days last week even the fan was ineffective, it was blowing hot air like a thermo-wave oven, so I switched it off.

The electric shower head has now been switched off for 10 weeks. And I have showers to cool off in the backyard under the garden hose.

5th is also Meet & Greet Monday

That’s my contribution, while I haven’t exactly meet all the challenges presented, I have modified or negated where possible.

Have great week people. If you’re a DIY buff, then see my previous post.

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