Change the World Wednesday – Special IV


What am I doing up at this hour?

Have to work, making coffee and blogging.



It’s Wednesday, and I can’t miss out on my CTWW Post, even though I have the week of split days playing havoc with my blogging schedule.

Let’s go and see what the past week has been all about.

CTWW Daily Challenge – 7th March

Your hot water heater represents about 20-30% of the carbon emissions of your home, the biggest user of energy in your house.

I win, no hot water in the house. Not even for a shower, at the moment my shower head is turned off, has been for 10 weeks; and there’s still a lot of summer to go.

CTWW Daily Challenge – 8th March

Dry your clothes on a clothes line instead of in an electric drier. Electric driers use up to 10% of residential electricity in the United States.

I win, no clothes drier, My washing is always dried on the line.

CTWW Daily Challenge – 9th March

Clean or replace air filters as recommended. Replacing a dirty furnace filter can save 15% of the energy used.

I win, no furnace.

CTWW Daily Challenge – 10th March

Reduce your use of household cleaning products, soaps, shampoos, hair care products and other items which contain chemicals.

I win… well almost. Have have basic dishwashing liquid, a scourer for the bathroom, basic hand soap, and a perfumed disinfectant. That’s it, no shampoo and stuff… no hair. Pretty basic, huh?

CTWW Daily Challenge – 11th March

Fireplaces – we love them and we want to use them. However, as Grist’s “Ask Umbra” says, “the fireplace accounts for 14 percent of air lost out of a home – more than the windows.

I win, no fireplace. Here in Rio de Janeiro we don’t need them, not even in the winter. To keep warm in the winter we put on a T-shirt.

CTWW Daily Challenge – 12th & 13th haven’t appeared yet…

Oh well, I’ll go and have my shower and head off for work.





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