Monday Moaning

WTF is this?

Squeez Bacon!!!

And they can’t even spell it properly.

Is it any wonder why the world is imploding in its own dung heap?

Do we need this?


Another waste of resources and energy. Think about the machines that are needed to produce this crap. Think about the raw materials that were used to make those machines. Think about the power that was required to manufacture those machines.

Now, think about the diminishing oil resources and the amount of unwanted plastic packaging for this product that was made from petroleum. Think about the electricity used to produce this pink bacon flavoured slime.

Because as sure as ducks quack, this is not bacon. It is my guessing that this product uses the scrag ends of bacon that can’t be sold. Someone had a wonderful idea of how to make money from the shitty scraps of bacon.

Once again, profits reign.

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