Make you Fink on Friday

Yes, even on Good Friday, you should be thinking.

Here’s an issue that I just been made aware of. We scream about using electricity. We make a big noise about Earth Hour.

But, we build buildings and houses that need lights during the day!

Office lighting during the day! How stupid can we get?

During the day when there is sunlight, we have to turn the lights on to work and play.

Schools, restaurants, shops, factories, etc most of them use artificial lighting that uses electricity.


Where are our heads at?

We need to take a serious look at places that use light during the day. Their electricity tariffs should be doubled with taxes to pay for their stupidity and use of resources.

Places that are designed for natural light should receive incentives paid for out of the taxes as a reward for being ‘green.’

That would encourage more businesses and housing to opt for natural lighting.

New buildings that don’t have natural lighting facilities should not be approved.

All over the world we are screaming for more power, nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil fuel. If we harnessed the natural light we have for 12 hours per day (depends on summer or winter) we wouldn’t need dangerous nuclear power, or environmentally damaging hydro schemes chewing up our forests and making native peoples homeless, or drilling for more oil or mining coal.

There are alternatives!

The world needs to take stock, people should be asking these questions. Governments should be pressured into taking action. We should be looking at taking our custom and supporting businesses who comply.

NB: I was made aware of this issue by a visitor to my blog. It’s a commercial site, I don’t normally endorse commercial sites, but in this case as a thanks for the idea I will add their link Ciralight. Because it is something that I in my myopic view of the world and, I am sure, many of you haven’t considered before.


3 responses to this post.

  1. There is an inherent difficulty in providing office blocks with the large floor plates demanded of developers looking for to maximise lettable floor space in open plan offices and providing natural daylighting but I agree it needs to be tackled. There are solutions such as providing a large atrium and minimising the distance from a window to around 5-6m.

    I recently passed a modern office block, glazed only on the south facing elevation. We had a rare clear day so all the blinds were down to prevent glare from the sunlight. If the building had been designed with brise soliel to difuse the direct sunlight there would have been no need for artificial lighting that day.



    • @EWM, that’s the whole point, our thinking is all wrong, everything is to make money and to hang with the environment. We have to change the whole paradigm, don’t build them!

      The commercial link I provided has some solutions. But in the main, I am saying, if they need artificial lighting during the day, don’t build them. We are trying find solutions to environmental problems by using the same thing that created the problems in the first place. In Einstein’s view this is what makes an idiot.

      We are idiots.

      Thanks for the comment, appreciated.




  2. […] less obvious aspect is our need for daylight. I have blogged about this too; and I am going to […]



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