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Change the World Wednesday- 25th April..

See, it happened again. The week disappeared. This week was abetted by Monday being a public holiday to celebrate St George, just so confusing.

Today, I am cooking lunch again while posting. An inch-thick pork chop marinated with rock salt and soya sauce.

This week’s CTWW from Reduce Footprints:

This week plant a vegetable or herb. And then, tell us what you decided to grow and where (your yard, a container, a pot on the window sill, etc.).
Or … If you are a gardening guru and plant veggies each year, please offer us any tips, ideas and advice. We’d like to know if you plant in containers or till the soil … how do you fertilize your garden … and what about keeping pests away. We want to know it all!

I have, at least, I did. About four weeks ago, I potted a sickly looking cayenne pepper plant in a pot and it is thriving, slowly, but thriving. It was planted wild by seeds from the mouldy peppers that I had discarded during the drying process. It is my first indoor pot plant.

But, I felt that was cheating, because I didn’t plant it specifically for the CTWW. So I got an egg tray, composted earth and dropped a couple of salsa (parsley) seeds in each part. The photo is terrible, but at least I managed to coax the camera into behaving like a camera, sort of. If and when I get results, I’ll keep you posted.

The salsa isn’t the kind of curly parsley that most westerners are used to. It has a plain leaf, still tastes like parsley, but not as strong. I have been looking for curly parsley and there is only one place I know of that sells the seeds, and that is in Barra da Tijuca and involves a lot of walking from bus to superstore. Barra da Tijuca is not pedestrian-friendly, it is designed for the car-owners. In other words, people who have money… not English teachers.

Mission: Completed!

You’ll notice the dead LCD behind the plant. Evidence of products that are designed to die within months of the end of the guarantee; in this case two months. R$400 (USD350) destined to become an expensive picture frame (recycling). It cannot be repaired. The part to repair is costs about R$30, but is unavailable, supplied only to assembly plants. So when your LCD breaks down, you are forced to buy a new one.

The pork chop was delicious. Served with a knob of garlic & rosemary butter, boiled potatoes and garlic steamed spinach. Not a microwave in sight!

That’s it for this week…


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