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Nature Ramble

When we speak of animals species becoming extinct, we imagine big animals, pandas, snow leopards and the like. But, it is not only the big ones, more often it’s the small ones.

We never hear about them. They are none less important to our ecology and ecosystems.

Great Ramshorn Snail – Planorbarius corneus

Is a case.

Magnificent ramshorn snails aren’t one of those high-profile endangered species that the conservationists community love to rally behind.

Think one person can’t make a big difference? Don’t tell that to the ramshorn snail, the entire species of which may well have been saved from extinction thanks to the tireless work of North Carolina scientist Andy Wood. Relying largely on a kiddie-pool as an aquarium, Wood has spent decades giving the snails safe haven while their natural habitat has dwindled.

Source: MYOO

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