Make you Fink on Friday

Serious CO2 Emmissions

…and nothing much happened

A lot of hot air!

So many conferences and seminars all about the environment, G8s, Rio+20, etc and who listens.

A lot of talk, talk, talk…

The governments don’t give a shit, they are paying lip service to anything that interrupts their agendas.

What is the governments’ agenda?

To stay in power and fatten their wallets!


For the environment to be saved, we must acknowledge our dependence on nature [REUTERS]

“The future of the planet is on the table as policymakers and environmental advocates gear up for the next major UN conference in Rio de Janeiro, on the 20th anniversary of the 1992 “Earth Summit” in mid-June. Expectations for the Rio+20 meeting are understandably low, given the recent history of climate change meetings in Copenhagen and Durban. The reasons for this failure are also clear: while a “global deal” to reduce global carbon emissions will clearly benefit everyone in the long run, such an agreement appears to fly in the face of countries’ (especially developing countries) short-term economic growth goals.”

Source: Al Jazeera read more, don’t dismiss this simply because of the name.


“Rio+20 could be the trigger. Or it may not. We may have to wait for deeper crises, for a more severe collapse. I hope not. While it is not wise to raise expectations too high, it is also not wise to give up hope. Let us hope for the best.”

I have no faith that Rio+20 will be any different. Simply more CO2 added to the atmosphere.

My view that this conference is being held in one of the most politically corrupt countries in the world, one of the countries with the greatest disregard to deforestation, one of the countries with the scantest aplomb when it comes to displacing people to build a hydroelectric scheme, one of the countries that exports the most illegal timber, one of the countries who ignore the slaughter of native peoples and activists, one of the countries with the slowest justice system; what hope is there?

A pivotal event currently on the books that will set environmental protection back 50 years has been approved by the senate and is awaiting presidential approval or veto. Dilma Rousseff has the power to veto this law, will she?

And they use this as the setting for the concerns of the world…

When will the world wrest control from these psychopaths?

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