Monday Moaning

How ‘vegan’ are you?

Come on, really…

Just look at this chart, how can you escape animal products completely in today’s world?

You can try, but I don’t believe you can. Oh, and that’s just cattle… what about the pigs and chickens?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Caila on May 21, 2012 at 11:56 am

    You’re right, it is impossible to eliminate every single animal by-product from our lives, and vegans know this. But being “perfect” isn’t really the point. The point is to eliminate animal products to the best of our knowledge and ability. Focusing on every microscopic amount of by-product in our lives is counterproductive and leads to the very same “What’s the point?” attitude in your post that I’ve heard many people use in regards to recycling, public transportation, etc…



    • >Caila, Upon reflection, this shouldn’t have been a Monday Moaning post, it would have been more appropriate as a Make you Fink on Friday. I agree that making it an MM post, it appeared judgmental. My mistake there, it wasn’t meant to be a”what’s the point” attitude.

      Unlike you, I haven’t seen that in relation to other aspects of recycling, etc. In my personal life, I am not perfect, but I do little things, that I guess could raise that “What’s the point” question. I don’t see the vegan/vege point of view, because I am a carnivore and have no intention of being otherwise; I don’t see that as being one of the major issues affecting the planet.

      I do get angry at governments, politicians, corporations and people in regard to cavalier attitudes that do matter, GMOs, corporate bullshit for the sake of profits, things like the fact that cancer has been curable since the 50s, but the drug companies have stifled that fact, they want sick people; there are so many more issues that are more threatening to the planet than trying to be something I am (genetically), by nature not.

      I appreciate your comment because it brought home the folly of posting it as a ‘moan’ when it wasn’t meant to be. People have the right to make their choices.




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