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This is Green, different, but Green

I had one of my posts ‘liked’ Tuesday. Wee small hours, I noticed it and as always when someone likes my posts, I doddle off to see what they’re up to; occasionally I am surprised, sometimes I’m not and a few times I get a ‘ho hum.’  But, I was pleasantly surprised the click lead me to a great blog, a different blog, still a green blog, but different very very different.


It’s a story blog, not one that writes stories, but rather one that writes about stories, green stories, green stories for kids.

There’s a Hair in my Dirt, is the current first post.

Here’s the intro to the Synopsis:

“The story begins with a young worm sitting at the family table being served a customary meal of dirt. He is shocked to see a hair in his dirt. Already upset at being a worm, Junior lashes out at his family, complaining about his species’ lowly status on the food chain.”

But that’s not all, here’s an exerpt:

Father Worm sat back, stretching himself out to his full, glorious three and a half inches. “Take us worms, for example. We till, aerate, and enrich the earth’s soil, making it suitable for plants. No worms, no plants; and no plants, no so-called higher animals running around with their oh-so-precious backbones!”

He was really getting into it now. “Heck, we’re invertebrates, my boy! As a whole, we’re the movers and shakers on this planet! Spineless superheroes, that’s what we are!

Now if that hasn’t got your juices flowing, hasn’t whet your appetite…. go back to sleep.

The essence is understanding nature, not just paying lip service., not just appreciating, not just liking, but understanding.

If you are green, if you have kids, if you are trying to bring up your kids to be more than green, understanding nature, then you must visit this blog. It’s there for YOU! Click on the title link above.

For me, this is one of those gems that can be found in the blogosphere, they are there, but few and far between.

The blog is permanently linked on my sidebar.

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