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Zero Footprint

Finnish family wants invisible eco footprint

Inspired by an American author’s quest to lead a zero-impact lifestyle in New York City, a Finnish family in the western town of Pori has decided to adopt a similar extreme challenge.

Going plastic-free can be challenging. Image: Yle / Timo Nykyri


Sarianna Trogen said her family figured that if an eco-friendly lifestyle was possible to achieve Manhattan, it wouldn’t be impossible in Pori.

“We moved closer to the city centre to avoid having to use public transport, we use green energy and don’t buy anything new unless we have to,” she explains.

Like many situations in Colin Beavan’s “No Impact Man,” Sarianna Trogen and Janne Isaksson have also run into the profusion of packaging waste, especially at the grocery store.

Pori, Finland

Individually wrapped universe

“You can find unpackaged sausages in old-fashioned markets. Sarianna has also made her own bags for fruit and vegetables,” says partner Janne Isaksson.

“While it’s relatively simple to find locally sourced food, selection shrinks in the winter—especially when searching for unpackaged vegetables,” Trogen explains.

But a lack of information is perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to living a no-impact lifestyle.

“The greatest amount of time is spent determining what is the most ecological thing to do in a certain situation,” the couple says.

Source: Yle An English language Finnish news site

Chew on This

Formula One

Formula One racing, not only but all motorsports that use non-renewable natural resources, should be banned.

Stock cars, Indy 500, all of them.

From the production of the cars, the construction of the tracks, the transport used to get them around the world and the races themselves.

Ban the lot!

And show that we are serious about trying to create sustainable living on this planet.

Why aren’t matters like this being discussed at Rio +20?


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