Here, there be Paradise

Just 12kms to Paradise

But, not for much longer.


Yes, in New Zealand there is Paradise.

Now there are probably lots of places around the world that go by the name paradise, but few are truly Paradise, none of them approach the levels of Shangrila found in Paradise, New Zealand.


Destruction plans for paradise

Yes, there are plans to destroy Paradise.

“There is a place in New Zealand called Paradise. It is located north of the end of the world, in the endless virgin forests past Glenorchy, the last township on Lake Wakatipu. Narrow unsealed roads lead to the access points of some of the famous Great Walks of New Zealand, like the Routeburn Track.”

Read more about them on The Green Planet Blog, the post dated 24th June (The blog doesn’t appear to have direct links to posts).

You can read more about Paradise on: The One

Paradise, a place untouched by technology.

Image: TravelPod

Pristine beauty of Thunder Creek Falls

Image: Jeff’s Blog more great photos there

Destruction in the name of progress, it’s not needed The building of this highway must be stopped at every turn. The world needs places like Paradise, the future generations need places like Paradise to show their kids that this was what the world used to look like.

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