Make you Fink on Friday

Kept in the dark and fed on bullshit

The more I read, the more I find stories that are not being told.

By lies or omission, we are being treated like mushrooms; kept in the dark and fed on bullshit!

It’s so prevalent that it’s hard to pinpoint because there are so many issues. GM foods, banking, Wall Street, wars, military, scandals, HFCS, labeling, local government, the government, fracking, unleaded gasoline. The list could just go on and on ad nauseum.

Here’s another one…

Toxic oil and gas waste being dumped in wells with thousands of violations

There is a new must-read investigation into documented environmental contamination of groundwater around the country from oil and gas waste that has never before been brought to light. NRDC has been sounding the alarm about the dangers of oil and gas waste. It can be very toxic, and can even be disposed of in residential neighborhoods, including people’s backyards–yet it is not subject to hazardous waste laws in the U.S. due to special political favors granted to the influential oil and gas industry. Because of this, NRDC asked the EPA to write new rules for toxic oil and gas waste.

The recent investigation by ProPublica, published in Scientific American, underscores the dramatic need for strong new safeguards to protect our drinking water from toxic oil and gas waste. The investigation focusses on underground injection of oil and gas waste. Current standards applicable to underground oil and gas waste disposal are inadequate to prevent toxic wastes from contaminating groundwater. Now ProPublica provides a lot more concrete evidence of this fact.

It is a long and comprehensive investigative piece; the reporter reviewed documents related to more than 220,000 well inspections. I encourage you to read the entire thing, but I will post some of the most frightening findings here (keep in mind that these wells are drilled through aquifers that are underground sources of drinking water):

  • Experts are concerned and make clear that no one fully understands the current risks. A retired EPA expert in underground injection stated: “In 10 to 100 years we are going to find out that most of our groundwater is polluted, A lot of people are going to get sick, and a lot of people may die.”

Source: Switchboard Read more


Just one more item to be added into the long, long list of things we are not told. Issues that are vital to our very survival and nobody knows about them.

Here we have water, the most precious commodity on the planet, essential for our survival and it is being slowly poisoned because no one regulates the disposal of highly toxic oil and gas waste.

“It is not subject to hazardous waste laws in the U.S. due to special political favors granted to the influential oil and gas industry.”

Once again we see the politicians ‘granting favours’ to the industry regardless of the problems it could generate. Governments don’t care about you and I, they don’t give a tinker’s cuss.

When will we finally be told the truth?

Hopefully, before it’s too late.

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