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Change the World Wednesday – 4th July

I am sitting here, devastated. I mean, I knew this was coming, we were warned last week. But it’s a bit like, it’ll never happen, until it does.

I need more coffee.

No CTWW this week. What do I do before work. 6am on a Wednesday, every Wednesday, I am primed to produce a CTWW… and today, nothing.

I click on the CTWW Banner that takes me to Reduce Footprints, and all I get is Happy 4th July!

Not everybody has a Fourth of July, only Americans, what about the rest of the world? In Brazil it’s 7th September, but I still blog, New Zealand has Waitangi Day on 6th Feb, but they still blog…

So, I’m going to continue…

I am going to set the challenge…

How many useless appliances do you have at home? How many appliances do you have that you could do without? How many appliances do you have that should really never have been invented?

Look at this.

Does the world really need a ‘kitty/puppy warmer’?


Kitties and puppies are well designed to keep warm. They have fur, it’s Mother Nature’s way of keeping them warm. They also have a natural instinct to find the warmest places, in a sunny window, on the hood of the car, on the bed when you get out, in front of the radiator or on the coffee pot.

They don’t need an electric warmer bed!

There is so much made in this world that we don’t need. Things are invented to make money, to make you spend.

This is consumerism. It doesn’t make you rich, it makes companies rich and keeps you poor, keeps you dependent and wanting more.

Go on, tell me how many things there are in your house that you could really do without.

Have a Happy Fourth of July!

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