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Change the World Wednesday – 18th July

Tornadoes in Poland

The US is having scorcher weather, England, Russia, Japan and China devastating floods, Poland had tornadoes and in Brazil we’re shivering our butts off.

Now tell the climate doubters that there aren’t climatic changes afoot…

We’re in the poo!

Brazil, even in winter, we wear shorts and a T-shirt at this time of the year. I’m sitting here with track pants on and three T-shirts. I have never seen a car heater going in Brazil before; this morning the van home had one going full blast.

Change the World Wednesday this week is a week long affair with rubbish. So, no results until next week.

This week:

This week do a ‘waste audit’ or ask a super green person you know to do one and help you see where you can do better in creating less waste. For guidelines on how to do an audit, read How to Reduce Your Household Waste.

Or … Since we all produce waste and can always do better, we don’t have a second level this week.

Until the results are due, I bid you adieu…

LOL, how poetic 🙂

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