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Nature Ramble

This week let’s have a look at some of nature’s pretty ugly things.

There are plenty of things in nature that are essentially ugly, but they have a beautiful side.

The first offering is one f my own. It is a caterpillar that I found crossing the road in front of my house in Rio de Janeiro in 2008. I have no idea what type of caterpillar it is, I can find nothing using google that resembles it. If there is anyone out there in bloggerdom who has any suggestions, I’d welcome them via comments.

There it is, healthy specimen, isn’t it?

The next one is identifiable.

Emperor moth Caterpillar (Saturnia pavonia)

There’s quite a good story in the Country Life section for a good read.

If you want them big, try this one:

Hercules moth caterpillar, from Papua New Guinea

Sphinx moth family from Vietnam

Stinging Rose Caterpillar (Parasa indetermina)

If you want hairy, then the Puss Caterpillar, one of the most venomous in the USA

Puss Caterpillar, or woolly slug

Monarch Caterpillar

There’s just a few of the 20,000 species around the world.

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