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I got dobbed again, on Monday Moaning

Sunshine, revisited

Small Footprints re-dobbed me, although removed the obligation of doing a repost.

SF and I have shared a lot since she began blogging. Initially, in the olden days, I used to post the odd  green related stuff on my original Tomus Arcanum (which is long gone), but finding SF’s blog gave me a new impetus. I wasn’t previously committed to ‘green,’ although, many of the things I did in my life were green.

I dithered. I could not find a name for my blog, despite the fact that it was right under my nose. A commenter on Tomus took umbrage at my thoughts on green, and referred to it as ‘eco-crap.’ The penny eventually dropped, and Eco-Crap was born. The rest, so they say is history.

There is much in this world that gets up my nose; and much that gets up my nose is the abuse we are heaping on our little 3rd from the Sun mudball. I tend to say so. I have said that I’m not here to be nice, I call the shots as I see them; a lot of my gall gives you gas. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will realise that, especially in my Monday Moaning and Make you Fink on Friday posts.

The issues that we face in this world are so many and varied, ranging from recycling, to pollution, hot house gases, corrupt governments, greedy corporations, water, etc.

I am going to leave you with, not so much a ‘moan’, but food for thought.

I wonder where our priorities are…

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