Banzai, or Bonsai?

Juniperus Procubens (Tuia Jacaré)

I have a bonsai tree.

I have never had a bonsai tree before.

I have contemplated being the owner of a bonsai tree, but never went further than thinking about it. Tonight at class my student showed me a bonsai tree.

So cute!

It’s now mine and is sitting in my lounge.

Now I have to learn to care, feed and prune my little pet.

I love plants, and while I am not an admirer of flowery plants, I love greenery. Maybe I am entering a new phase in life, who knows?




4 responses to this post.

  1. Check out my blog it may help you on your journey. Your bonsai is more than just a plant to you now. It’s your life long friend.



    • >bonsology, I do realise that a bonsai is more than ‘just a plant’. I think that having this in mind has always made me fearful of them, or at least the care of them. Thank you, I will check your site out and thanks for stopping by.




  2. Have fun with your new tree.



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