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Change the World Wednesday – 5th Sept

I have coffee, my teeth are out, and I am pondering.

CTWW often does that to me.

Another week and I’ll have cheap tomatoes in my garden. There’s about 30 on the go at various stages, so they’ll be back on the menu. There are about another 40 seedlings growing as well.

One fuzzy (overripe) tomato

Hint, to grow tomatoes. Take one overripe tomato from the vege stand and squeeze over the compost heap.

Ten days later you have all the little seedlings you want.

I put three seedlings in a pot in the lounge. I love the smell of tomatoes. Sometimes I just rub my hand through the leaves to sniff my fingers.

Click the image


This week’s CTWW:

This week it’s all about National Zero Waste Week.

I have very little that I can add, or at least not throw out. Because everything I have I need, and it is recycled in the first place.

This week, consider your recycling habits and decide on one more thing which you can do to reduce landfill waste. Let us know what you’re doing, and how, so that we can all learn and be inspired.


And then, if you’d like …

Visit the (Inter)National Zero Waste Week blog page or the Facebook Page and share your efforts with everyone participating in this year’s event (close to 1000 people from all over the world).

I must have guessed CTWW this week, because I have been ‘stock-taking’ my kitchen bin.

Almost entirely plastic; all those pesky plastic wrappers, two bread bags and some sparkling mineral water bottles (3). Some un-recyclable paper and card, one metal top off a tomato extract jar (the jar is now a kitchen cup), some scraps of meat that Lixo didn’t eat (which were scraps of meat that I didn’t eat) and one small piece of bacon that fell on the floor during serving.

So, in as far as is possible, my waste is about as ‘zero’ as you can get.



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