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Monday Moaning

More damage to the environment.

Scottish fish farmers use record amounts of parasite pesticides

Farmers have been forced to increase amount of chemicals as the sea lice parasite becomes resistant to treatment

Scottish salmon ready to be transferred to a new cage at a fish farm on Orkney island in Scotland. Photograph: Doug Houghton/Alamy

Scottish fish farmers have been forced to use record amounts of highly toxic pesticides to combat underwater parasites that prey on salmon, raising fears of significant damage to the marine environment.

Data released by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) shows a 110% increase in the amount of chemicals used to treat the sea lice parasite in the past four years, in large part because sea lice are becoming resistant to treatment.

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The more we try and change the environment to suit our needs, the more damage we do.

We read about bacteria becoming resistant to our efforts to kill them, we read about weeds becoming resistant as we try to eradicate them, now we have sea lice becoming resistant.

The stupidity continues unabated.

Man will never win in this futile fight against nature. Nature has the upper hand and will be the victor every time.

How much poison do we have to dump in the eco-systems of the world before we make it totally untenable?

Time for a paradigm shift in the way we try to better our product yields.

We need to work with nature, not against her.

We humans are just too stupid to smell the coffee!

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