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August issue

The Countryfile poll the BBC won’t talk about

The BBC is quick to cover pro-GM stories but they stay silent when 79% of people said no to GM trials in a Countryfile magazine poll

A few weeks ago the BBC heavily promoted its flagship Countryfile programme’s coverage of pro-GM research. The story was carried on news bulletins, the Today programme and presenter Tom Heap wrote an article on the BBC’s website.

The public is changing its mind about GM was one of the messages. But they are not but evidence that they are not is not something the BBC want to share. Even when it comes from the magazine associated with its own Countryfile programme.

 Throughout August, Countryfile’s online magazine ran a poll asked: Should GM crop trials be allowed to go ahead?

The result; 79% No (6144)       21% Yes (1680)          Total 7824

There is process that might be called “polliticks” and an earlier poll conducted by Com Res for the Independant showed that 64% of people would support GM trials if they would lead to a reduction in pesticides.

People are hardly likely to vote against that proposition but with the Countryfile poll voter numbers massively outstripping the Com Res poll by nearly 8 times, it seems that it is a better indication of the state of concern about GM in the British public.

Especially as it’s backed up by the MSN poll on GM, showing 67% do NOT want GM in this country (2,256 votes) with similar results from Which? IGD and Food Navigator in the last 12 months.

Consumers, farmers and producers are not interested in GM. There is no market for it here or indeed in most of Europe.

Maybe the BBC could start to reflect this in its coverage’

Source: gmeducation


This is just another case of where the mainstream media are treating the people like mushrooms… kept in the dark and fed on bullshit!

For a renown news source like the  Britain’s BBC this is shocking, disgusting and entirely underhand.

It shows that the BBC is obviously under government control in a policy of “tell the people only what we want them to know.”

The people’s right to know, the idea that the media is to inform, that the media is honest are not important. The media exists to do the government’s bidding.

The idea of truth, has become superfluous.

The poll conducted by Countryfile showed that the people were decidedly against GM crops, 80% nearly. But that figure didn’t please the powers that be, “so we’ll just put that in the drawer and forget about it.”


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  1. I completely agree. GM is so scary because it could be irreversible, and studies have shown that it can affect plants in neighboring fields and farms. It’s also quite likely responsible for the decline in bee and butterfly populations. I wish we could mount an anti-GM campaign that would be as well publicized as the “No Nukes” campaigns of previous decades.

    Thanks for speaking out!



  2. >Nancy, I have written several posts on GM. In the original version of his blog on Blogspot, I was so against a certain company that I believe it was responsible for Google closing my account on the same day as my last attack. So I am a little more cautious now. That is why any attempt to organise an anti-GM campaign would meet with stiff resistance and guaranteed police control. What was possible in the past, is no longer possible, Homeland Security would act and have you all imprisoned as domestic terrorists. The world has become a very dangerous place.




  3. Lack of media coverage is giving those Pro-GM a voice seemingly without any real sentiments from Anti-GM supporters – this is wrong and we know it – but we WILL be heard – you cannot silence everyone!!



  4. Have you thought about growing your own AV, even in cities it is possible to grow your own, hanging baskets are great to grow carrots, tomatoes and suchlike, I am a little naïve when it comes to what your Country is like for growing crops but we have an amazing Brazilian guy working on our organic farm and he has great ideas for improving crop production using very simple steps,

    He has even brought to life a Jasmine that has been struggling to get off the ground for 5 years, with just a little movement around the plant it has taken off at an incredible rate and has started wrapping itself round the fence.

    In some cities in the UK suburban projects are being set up to encourage people to grow their own little community gardens using things like old skips. Bee hives are being placed on top of buildings, only recently there have been some placed on the roofs of some of the big stores in Exeter, Devon, UK.

    May be you could be a pioneer for something like this in Brazil, especially if you can find like-minded people to help.



    • >Bridget, I live on concrete, but that hasn’t stopped me from growing passionfruit, peppers, tomatoes and some herbs. Currently I have two guava trees on the go, one should fruit next season, my passionfruit is coming on again, and the ginger is resprouting. So yes, I do on a small scale.




      • I love that you do that, it is so rewarding isn’t it. I was looking at our peppers today, they are coming along nicely, we do have a bit of a problem with aphids, although the predators are coming at last and having a good old munch out. We seem to be very down on ladybird/ladybug numbers, which takes care of a lot of aphids. Nature does amaze me though as when one is down in numbers, along comes something else to take over the munching. Love nature, keep up the good work. 🙂


      • Using ladybirds, much greener than insecticides.

        I have always loved the soil and growing. I get my ‘green thumb’ from my late father.



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