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Change the World Wednesday – 3rd Oct

Oh dear, this week is not a good week.

Only yesterday, I had decided that my next computer keyboard would have a “Bacon Button”, and then I discover the theme of this week’s CTWW, right after I put a slab of rump steak on the grill for lunch.

You see, I am a carnivore, although I did the last time this theme came around try, once, but failed.

Vegan is just too difficult for me; vege, I can handle, vegies aren’t too hard, but vegan…

Somebody hates me; I just threw a R$5 pieces of rump steak down the back of the stove while I was turning it over!

This week prepare and enjoy at least one vegan meal at home. Try to use locally grown, seasonal foods and utilize cooking methods which are Eco-friendly (the right sized pot for the burner being used, crock-pots, table top appliances like toaster ovens, etc.). Serve your meal in reuseable plates and utensils … and avoid any waste associated with the meal.


Or …

If you’ll be eating out this week, choose at least one vegan meal AND focus on being as Eco-friendly as possible. For example, choose a restaurant which uses real plates and utensils (versus establishments which use single-use, disposable items … yep, that leaves out fast food). Consider bringing your own utensils. Accept only the water which you’ll actually drink. Try to order foods which are local and in season. And if you’re feeling very ambitious, do a little research and choose a restaurant which employes sustainable operating methods.


And then …

Once you’ve chosen an option above, plan to enjoy your meal at a time when you can fully appreciate it. Don’t eat on the run or without thinking about it. Make time for this meal. Pay attention to the taste of the food and how it looks and smells. Savor each bite. In other words … “Eat like you give a $%#@”.

For me to eat totally vegan has already been a failure, everything I try has at least eggs in it, if not meat or animal derived products.

I do plan to eat out this week. I love eating out; no dishes. And, I certainly don’t eat ‘gobble & go’. There are no plastic plates where I eat, but they do have these annoying salt sachets, because here that’s the law, no salt shakers, toothpicks each individually wrapped too. Here I add that the Councillor who proposed the law was a relative of the company that does the wrapping. That’s the way things work in Rio.

The restaurants in this part of town (remember we are 85kms from the city centre) aren’t known for their sustainability practices, even though they charge Five Star prices. This part of town is a little bit like the Wild West, yes, some parts even have street shoot outs. You may have heard on the news we have an election this weekend for mayors and councillors, the military is here to protect the people from the militicias trying to bully voters into voting for their candidates.

So even with research it would be difficult to find a suitable place to eat.

Certainly when I do eat out, I go to enjoy the experience and don’t eat and run. I tend to do that more at home. Often I don’t sit for a meal, but eat standing at the counter. Whenever I eat, be it at home or out, I follow my inclination as a chef to enjoy what I am eating, flavour, texture, etc are important to me.

Oh, you remember that piece of rump steak… I salvaged it and washed it (no detergent) and put it back on the grill with a dash of olive oil. I waste nothing.


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