Monday Moaning

One pretty similar to this

I was in a car last Thursday, my student always gives me a lift home after class; nice car, a Honda with all the mod-cons. Things that my last car never had.

As the window rolled down beside me, I commented that I wasn’t too lazy to wind it down myself, but then of course there wasn’t a handle to do so.

This set me to thinking just how lazy we have become.

:: Too lazy to wind down the window

:: Too lazy to walk around the car and check the doors are locked

:: Too lazy to get a map out of the glove box

:: Too lazy to reach out and adjust the rear vision mirror with our hand

All these things are adding to the burden on our natural resources, each time you add a new mod-con requires more metal, more plastic, another electric motor, an LCD display and circuitry, etc.

In my day we didn’t have, electric windows, central locking and GPS, now you can’t get a car without them.

When was the last time you asked a car salesman “Do you have a model without that?”

If you really want to be green, you would; if not then you are only paying lip-service to the green idea.

The two concepts, “green” and “lazy” do NOT go together.

You are either green, or you are lazy.

If you are the latter, please get off the planet at the next stop and wait for the next planet with unlimited resources to waste, we don’t want you here!

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  1. I continue to maintain that anything which is convenient needs to be looked at and evaluated carefully because typically convenience means that the environment is being compromised.



    • >SF, since I have been on my ‘green binge’ I confess that I too look at everything with a jaded eye. Convenience is just a nice way of saying lazy, ergo… I agree with you, everything that is labeled ‘convenient’ has an environmental impact.




  2. I seem to spend a lot of time asking car salesmen questions they don’t want to hear!

    “Can you sell it to me without the air conditioning? In my climate it will only give me mold in the manifold.” No

    “Can you sell it to me with the sunroof but without the GPS navigation?” No

    Car manufacturers make a huge profit on the bells and whistles, so they put them in without asking you if you want them. I estimate my car has about $3500 worth of stuff that I don’t need – but I’m stuck with them.

    Here’s the really big one in the US:
    “Can you sell it to me with a _smaller_ engine?”

    I did win on one thing:
    “I want to downgrade my wheels from the “sporty”, plus-sized ones to the regular, safer ones: can you do that?” – After repeatedly asking this question for two weeks this spring, they finally said yes – and gave me a $1200 rebate, the difference in price!

    You’re really better off without a car altogether, AV.



    • >CelloMom, good girl. But I would take a stronger stance… ‘you want to sell it, take it out, if not I’ll find a dealer who will,’ they’ll take it out because they don’t want to lose the sale. Remember they’re on a commission, no sale, no pay packet; threaten that and they’ll do what you want.

      I must admit that you’re right, no car, no worries.




  3. Posted by The Detox Diva on October 8, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    I live in a place where cars are BIG (because petrol is like 45 cents a liter) and all the bells and whistles are pretty much standard. It irks me to no end the amount of waste, the spinning of wheels (I mean that literally), gunning of engines until black smoke billows out, the jockeying for the absolute closest parking spot or worse, having the drivers idle the car right outside….. We have gotten lazy but where I live….they were born and will die lazy!! It’s shameful.



    • >DetoxDiva, that’s cheap. I’m afraid the time has come when the young should be prohibited from using cars for ‘joy riding.’ The whole ‘lazy’ thing has permeated society as a whole, it’s a rot that will eat us out of existence.




  4. Posted by Clare Delaney - EcoFriendlyLink on October 10, 2012 at 7:16 am

    I couldn’t agree more. (I think all this added “convenience” increases our obesity problem too, but that’s a whole other issue). Where I live it’s reasonably easy to get a fairly basic car, but funnily enough I’ve just seen an article on a really, really basic car. 4 seats, an electric engine, and not much more. No electric windows – in fact, no windows! And you share it! See



  5. Posted by Alex Jones on October 20, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Sadly technology has made people dependent and lazy.



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