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Change the World Wednesday – 14th Nov

On time today!

*Checks calendar* to make sure.

In my last CTWW I said I was about to make a big purchase. I did, you can read about it on my post In Dire Need of Therapy it tells the story of my find. It also tells the story of last week’s CTWW, buying local instead of a big chain store. My previous fears were that I would only find my digital camera at an affordable price were unfounded.

I also bought a new TV remote control. The original that came with the TV worked, but required numerous presses of each button before anything happened. No, it wasn’t the batteries, I had changed them. I found one in the local mercado popular (street market) for R$10, at a store it would have been twice the price. But there was a price tag, many of the products, not all,  in these markets have been smuggled across the border from Paraguay, so you can never be sure that you’re not supporting the contrabandistas (black marketeers, smugglers), life is fraught with uncertainties.

So, I managed to keep to the spirit of the challenge, did you? Did you forgo your Starbuck’s and McDonald’s?

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This week’s CTWW is the last of the year. Sadly, Small Footprints is going to do a disappearing act until January. I calculate that is eight CTWWless Wednesdays.

*Stares blankly at screen wondering what I will do on Wednesdays*

I’m sure you will all join with me and say that she will be missed.

On with the game…

This week reduce! For example, reduce the length of your showers or the amount of time the TV or computers are on. Reduce the amount of food you cook (and eat) or reduce the energy used to cook food (try raw foods or energy-efficient counter-top cooking devices). Perhaps you can reduce the amount of garbage your family generates … and even reduce the need to recycle. Reduce the number of miles you drive or the number of trips you typically make in a week. Try turning off the lights for an extra hour this week or adjusting the thermostat by a degree. The idea with this challenge is to take at least one activity and make it more Eco-friendly by reducing.


Or … Since we all have an impact and can do a little something to reduce, we don’t have a second level.

Let’s see now…


If I reduce my shower time any further, I run the risk of becoming like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown cartoons; seriously. But I turn off the power so that I have ‘cold’ showers during the spring and summer, and much of the autumn.

I already turn off my TV if I’m not watching it. Even between programmes. Although I still have the problem that my On/off button is broken, so it is on standby until I get that fixed.

I already reduce the amount of food I cook. Sometimes, like yesterday, I cooked too much bolognaise; it’s in the fridge and today I am going to make pastry (I never buy) and make little pies to take to the botequim (bar) after work and share with the fregües (regulars).

I don’t have any bench top appliances. I consider them to be an unnecessary luxury, or undesirable like microwaves. Remember the best place for your microwave is the scrap metal yard; they’re dangerous. Check these posts, Make you Fink on Friday, Popcorn is Dangerous, another Make you Fink on Friday, and if you want more, do a search for ‘microwave’ in this blog.

Hmmm, raw foods, does sushi count? I love sushi.

I already recycle where possible. I only trash stuff that is really unrecyclable or soiled.

Lights get turned on at the last moment.

I don’t have a thermostat.

I don’t drive.

My worst enemy is my PC. My PC is 24/7, it works whenever I am sleeping. But I do turn off the screen when I am, or when I am away from the house; I don’t wait for the screensaver cycle. I know it can be adjusted, but that would drive me batty during periods when I am reading or thinking.

I will still think of something.


Do you remember this little cayenne pepper plant?

CTWW 25th April

It’s a big boy now…

Ready to flower

Second result with new camera. You can also see my little bonsai, and the fern I yanked out from the compost heap sitting beside the TV. It’s blurry, I’m am still learning to ‘drive’ it.

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