Think, Recycle… anything



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  1. Now here is an idea for an old computer when you upgrade to a laptop like many people are doing. The circuit boards could be donated to someone who crafts with them and so on.



    • >LSF, I mentioned the circuit board/art connection some time ago. This BBQ certainly would last long, the metal is too thin and would rust out very quickly. Interesting you should say that you ‘upgrade’ to a laptop; I certainly don’t consider that an upgrade, for me the desktop PC will never be obsolete. A laptop (I don’t have one, but plan to) is a necessity for travelling or work; as for these iPads, etc I consider them to be unnecessary, we got on fine without them for hundreds of years.




      • Most people see a laptop as an upgrade. For me I would like to have one as it takes up less space. I missed your post on the circuit boards, I’ll have to go back and look for it. As for the other gadgets I too see no need for them in my life at this time and doubt I will ever find a need.


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