Make you Fink on Friday

What a waste: Turning poo into plastic

Would you drink from water bottle made from raw sewage?

That rather unappetising image may soon be a reality, thanks to the rise of bioplastics.

These biodegradable materials may soon offer a realistic – and cost effective – alternative to plastics derived from oil.

They are part of a movement to better utilise the ever increasing mountains of waste created by humans.

Saima Mohsin  travels to Sacramento, California, to visit a company that is using some of the  seven million tonnes of dry solid human waste produced in the US every year, to create useful products.


And to think of all the poo we have been wasting…

5 responses to this post.

  1. Okay, I am not squeamish, but just reading this and seeing a bottle of water possibly made from human waste (to drink out of no less) made me shudder, literally. Composting human waste is fine to me. I wouldn’t use it on plants I plan to eat, but would use it on other plants if available. But drink out of a bottle made from it, no matter how it was made, no way!



    • >lsf, not criticising you personally, but your reply shows how we, humans, have become ‘sissified’ and find everything that relates to bodily functions disgusting. I am sure the process would involve sterilising the products to remove the slightest taints of anything offensive. On reading, I was simply mildly surprised, nausea or shuddering never entered the equation. Just think of the benefits; to find an alternative source of plastic could put an end to this idea of fracking, for example, because we don’t have enough petroleum.

      We must look at every available alternative if we are to survive.




      • I won’t take it personally. There are just somethings I don’t want my drinking and food utensils made from. I don’t buy or use plastic, if at all possible. I filter my own water and carry it with me.

        I am fine with humanure, if you know what the individuals diet looks like, just like I compost food scraps, but don’t want pesticide laden food in my compost. I have read about animal waste being used for producing heat, and this would be a great way to use human “poo” as well.


  2. […] Crap shared a news story on a new use for human waste, better known as poo. I don’t know about you, but my first reaction was to […]



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