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Nature Ramble

I am continually amazed. I mean, I am no slug when it comes to nature and her many and varied species, but this week I was introduced to a beautiful animal that I had no idea existed.

Sunda Clouded Leopard

Existing in mainland Asia, Indonesia and Borneo, it is rarely filmed. A BBC Nature story drew my attention and I followed up.

Credit: Suzies Den

The rare Sunda Clouded Leopard has two subspecies; for Borneo and Indonesia. The species was only discovered in 2007 and this recent news means zoos and wildlife researchers must be careful with any breeding programmes. It’s thought the different species evolved after being separated by rising sea levels after the last Ice Age. The big cat remains on the endangered list as they need large hunting areas which are currently threatened by logging and plantations. – Suzies Den

From YouTube:

A video I made using a bunch of random video clips and photos of clouded leopards. The song is The Glade by Joel McNeely and is off of the Last Of The Mohicans soundtrack.

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