Change the World Wednesday – 9th Jan

goingtopiecesI can’t do it!

I feel like I’m falling apart.

Wednesdays just aren’t Wednesdays anymore.

I need coffee!

I’ll rephrase that: I need MORE coffee!

I need a CTWW… just a little one.

Small Footprints has been absent since the end of November, hopefully she will return next week, then life will have some meaning again.

I did a CTWW on the 12th Dec, then I had a Christmas break, I did a NOT a CTWW post last week, but it only provided temporary relief.

This week, I’ll give you an idea.

Do you drink wine?

Then you’ll have some of these lying around…

Maybe not as many as that, maybe even more. Or do you throw them out? I save them for my neighbour, she’s working on a project. I don’t know what, but she will show me when it’s finished.

I didn’t realise, but there are a myriad of things you can do with corks, look:

Mini-pot plants for example

Mini-pot plants for example

Such a simple and decorative idea.

You want some more ideas, then check out Addicted to Decorating, there’s oodles of ideas.

I love this idea from Sterling Wine, you can buy, or if you are handy with wood, I guess you can make.

I’d make it.

Or you can check out This Old House – 10 Uses for wine corks.

Or have a hunt around the web, try and google wine corks – images, there are heaps of arty-crafty and practical ideas.

aglassofwineThe challenge…

Drink more wine this year; organic, of course.


If you don’t drink wine, bludge the corks off your neighbours or a local bar or restaurant before they throw them out.

Have a Happy New Year!

If you follow the challenge, you’re sure to.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alex Jones on January 9, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    Amazing what can be done with a bit of imagination.



  2. Posted by smallftprints on January 9, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    Fabulous challenge, AV … and thank you for keeping CTWW alive while I’m away. And yes, I’ll be returning with an all new CTWW next week.

    I love the idea of the Mini-pot plant … very clever! 🙂

    Okay … raise your wine glasses and meet this week’s challenge. Cheers!



    • >SF, I think it’s a challenge that everyone should get into and make a truly Happy New Year. I have enjoyed carrying on CTWW, even though it wasn’t official. It’ll be great to see you back next week.




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