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Get the Sack

Here’s a simple green idea.

Thinking of recovering something?

You want to see ‘How to’ then visit Pepperbox Couture, step by step with photos.

So Simple, it’s Stupid

Not these 'pot' plants, not recommended

Not these ‘pot’ plants, not recommended

Browsing, surfing, whatever you call it; I do it often.

Bloggers come to my blogs and ‘Like’ or comment, I always return the favour.

During my perambulations on Sunday I found the most stupendously simple idea for pot plants.

A pot plant wall.

Now, think about it. What could be simpler for the garden or apartment terrace than this?


Yup, concrete (cinder) blocks.

You want to know how? Check out, The World’s Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters. There are more ideas, and a link to the ‘How to.’

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