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Change the World Wednesday – 6th Mar

baldLast week’s CTWW had me thinking about the apparently innocent soap that I use. I am not one for fancy cleansing products, I just buy plain and simple… or so I thought. I don’t even buy shampoo; even when I had hair, I didn’t buy shampoo. I just used soap.

Brazil is a third world country, despite what the blonde bimbo (president) says.

To find things like eco-friendly products is all but impossible. Here eco-friendly means you put ‘eco-friendly’ on the same old shit and you sell more.

Equally, it is hard to find ingredients to make your own.

So I am stuck with using my ‘simple’ soap.

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Rolling right along to this week’s CTWW.

This challenge is not difficult for me. It’s part of my life.

This week, before tossing anything out, consider alternate uses. For example, could the item be composted or used for another purpose? Could the item be given away and used by someone else? And here’s a “biggie”: could we avoid the item in the first place thereby eliminating the need to toss it out? The idea is to think before tossing anything and end up with less trash at the end of the week.

Fancy jar

Yesterday I finished two jars, one was a fancy schmancy jam jar, and the other was a jar of requeijão. I don’t buy stuff in plastic containers.

The fancy schmancy jar is drying after washing and removing the label and will become part of my tea-bag jar collection. They are just the right size to hold 25 tea-bags, and perfectly sealed so the tea doesn’t deteriorate.

The Itambé Requeijão jar has already become a kitchen drinking glass.

I have enough of these glasses that I will give a set of six to my ex, for her to use at home.

itambequeijoSo nothing gets chucked unnecessarily.

I even save the tops. They make handy little trays for mixing oil paints when the mood so takes me as to paint, which I do from time to time.

Outside I have a stack of wood pieces that I have scavenged, they may come in handy one day; coils of old telephone wire will eventually become clothesline or go along the wall for passionfruit to grow on. There are also pots for plants that my neighbour was chucking out, they will get used eventually, some already have.

There are plastic jars on top of my fridge from chocolate milk drinks, and I have a cupboard full of jars awaiting a new life.

I have a policy bad habit of saving anything that may/might become useful in the near or distant future.

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