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BP asks judge to halt ‘fictitious’ and ‘absurd’ Deepwater oil spill payouts

Oil giant asks New Orleans judge to temporarily halt payouts and says it could be ‘irreparably harmed’ by billions in costs

The actual amount of compensation that BP must pay after the 2010 Deepwater spill is uncapped. Photograph: Sipa Press / Rex Features

BP launched its promised appeal against “fictitious” and “absurd” oil spill compensation payouts on Friday and asked a judge to temporarily halt those made on a so-called business economic loss basis.

In a New Orleans court filing, the oil giant gave examples of businesses in industries far from the spill and unconnected with the coastline that enjoyed strengthened earnings in the spill year of 2010 and yet had received millions in spill compensation.

The British oil and gas group, which has already sold a substantial part of its business to pay reparations and fines for the disaster, said it could be “irreparably harmed” by the payouts without relief from the court, because they could cost it “billions” more than it budgeted for when it agreed to a settlement in April 2012.

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Oh dear, how sad…

BP can cry all it wants.

The company is claiming ‘irreparable harm’ could be done, and why not? They caused irreparable harm to the environment.

In my view, all the companies, not just BP, who were involved in the Gulf of Mexico disaster should be permanently banned from drilling oil anywhere in the world.

What they did to the Gulf, was shocking beyond belief. There is no monetary compensation big enough.

These companies should be made to bleed!

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  1. Very well said AV! I agree.



  2. Posted by Alex Jones on March 18, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Do harm pay for the repair of that harm. I cry no tears for the woes of BP.



  3. I think anyone who causes that much damage should go out of business, but with friends in high places that will never happen. I hope the judge sees through this and does the right thing. Speaking of BP I was just reminded of a joke my son used to tell when he was young, hadn’t thought of it in years, he thought it was very funny. Joke: where do bees pee? At the BP station. Maybe in light of BP’s filing people should boycott buying gas from them. It would be a start as the consumer has more power than they seem to realize.



    • >lsf, I think your son and my son had the same kind of friends. 🙂

      Yes, the old boy networks would prevent that happening. I am watching to see what happens in this case.

      Sadly, people have forgotten about the Gulf, not all, but many, too many. It would only take a global boycott to make any difference.




      • Ah the joy of humorous children. I do believe we have very short attention spans today.

        What of a boycott? With blogging you have a great platform and I would be happy to help with mine, maybe we could get everyone talking and see if we could make a statement.


      • >lsf, we are subliminally programmed this way.

        As for me to organise a boycott, my readership is not grand enough. Something like this needs to get to thousands in one hit, one needs FB, Pininterest, Google+, etc to spread the message.

        To spread the info a little further, you could FB or Tweet or even reblog, you have a far wider readership than my humble efforts.



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