Monday Moaning

Here we go again.

Corporate sleight of hand.

15bpa.spanWe promoted the dangers and high toxicity of BPA and many manufacturers have stopped using it and now advertise their products as “BPA Free!”

So what did the manufacturers do?

Swapped it for BPS – Bisphenol-S. Not quite as toxic, slower to degrade, so it hangs around longer.

and therefore will be more likely to remain a persistent toxin and environmental pollutant. It has already been found to be present in the urine of 81% of those tested from the United States and seven Asian countries… … new concern is being raised by a study published this month in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives showing that BPS has estrogenic activity comparable to estradiol, the most potent and therefore concerning human estrogen… ” – DES Daughter Network

So, it’s really a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire as thousands of consumer products now contain BPS.


What’s next?

Go on, surprise me…

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  1. I thought I was doing well as I still buy a few jars of spaghetti sauce in glass mind you, then I learned the metal lids are still coated in BPA. If we don’t prepare everything from growing to preserving our own food they will poison us eventually.



    • >lsf, you can’t escape, they’ve got you by the short ‘n curlies. The only escape is the home vege garden like we used to have; and I still would have if I had the space.




      • I plan on a large home garden this year and will supplement with the local farmer’s market, hopefully this will keep most of the garbage out.


      • Oh, how I wish I had the space and the dirt… My garden is small scale on top of concrete, not deep enough for root veges, but I have a mini compost heap, and lots of plants in old buckets, etc.



  2. Yeah, I have been seriously thinking of a vegetable garden, but it’s so much work. It’s a lot of work added on top of the work I already have.

    However, our health is at stake.

    Not sure there is a choice.

    Thanks for this article!



  3. Posted by Alex Jones on April 3, 2013 at 4:47 am

    24 further letters of the alphabet to choose from!



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